Characteristics of world weather and climate

Effects of Climate Change

How will climate change effect us, there are many factors that will be affected by climate change including rising sea levels, drought and loss of agricultural land.

Increasing temperatures caused by climate change will make the water of the oceans expand; ice melting in the Antarctic and Greenland will also contribute to the sea level. Sea levels could rise by as much as 25 to 50 cm, by 2100. Greater sea levels will threaten the low-lying coastal areas such as the Netherlands and Bangladesh, millions of areas of land will be at danger from flooding; causing people to leave their homes. Low lying areas in cities will be hugely affected by the rising sea.

Changes in weather will affect many crops grown around world. Crops such as wheat and rice grow well in high temperatures, while plants such as maize and sugarcane prefer cooler climates. Changes in rainfall patterns will also affect how well plants and crops grow. The effect of a change in the weather on plant growth may lead to some countries not having enough food. Brazil, parts of Africa, south-east Asia and China will be affected the most and many people could be affected by hunger.

All across the world, there is a big demand for water and in many regions, such as the central and eastern Africa there is not enough water for the people. Changes in the climate will change the weather patterns and will bring more rain in some countries, but others will have less rain, generally dry areas will become drier and wet areas could become wetter.

As climate change takes place, our daily weather and normal temperatures will change, the homes of plants and animals will be affected all over the world. Polar bears and seals are a good example of animals that will be affected by climate change, they will have to find new land for hunting and living, if the ice in the Arctic melts, but the fact is more real that these species could become extinct.

Climate changes will affect everyone, but some populations will be at greater risk. Countries whose coastal regions have a large population, such as Egypt and China, may have to move whole populations inland to avoid flooding. The effect on people will depend on how well we can adapt to the changes and how much we can do to reduce climate change in the world.

Characteristics of world weather and climate
People often confuse climate and weather - the two really are quite different.